Residential Services


National Contents Solutions, Inc. is comprehensive contents adjusting service staffed by highly skilled adjusters servicing the industry's demands for a contents adjusting solution. When a residential loss occurs, the indemnity attributed to the contents loss is often greater than the structure loss. At National Content Solutions, Inc., we've developed the tools to capture and evaluate the scope of the contents loss.

When faced with the contents loss, ask yourself:

1. Who controls the scope of the inventory?
2. Is someone other than the insured compiling the inventory?
3. Is the submitted inventory consistent with the actual scope?
4. Do you have the photographic or video documentation of the inventory?
5. Do you know the age, make, and model number of the damaged items?
6. Do you have sufficient information to determine the actual cash value of the items contained in the inventory?
7. Do you have sufficient information to verify, dispute or rebut the presentation made by the insured or their representative?

The accuracy of the inventory lies in the physical examination, counting and properly describing every item. When our contents specialists have completed the inventory, there is evidence that every item has been accounted for. The description includes the manufacturer, make, model number, size, color, condition, age, gender, etc. The end result is a highly accurate inventory which produces the ability to settle the claim expediately.