Commercial Services


Since the inception of this “Adjuster Based” contents program, adjusters working within this program have found that a properly adjusted contents loss begins with an accurate scope. While this remains true in any property loss, Business Personal Property losses require a unique set of skills directly related to the experience of the adjuster.

National Contents Solutions, Inc. understands that Business Personal Property claims must be handled in a manner that recognizes the knowledge and expertise of the insured in his stock, inventory, furniture, fixtures and electronic data processing equipment. These insured’s, often accountants, lawyers, and savvy business owners, have an expectation of professionalism and knowledge that can navigate the complexities of a commercial claim. The members of National Contents Solutions, Inc. average more than 22 years experience in property and casualty claims and are experienced in the handling of intricate business exposures.

While the capturing of the scope of the loss remains a very important and strategic starting point, the application of  multiple and varying coverages within a commercial policy provides our clients with the knowledge that they will not only get a highly specific inventory, but one that matches the coverages and corresponding limits.

The value in capturing the scope and focusing on a business personal property claim is not measured in how quickly the claim is settled, but in how the efforts of the contents specialist affects the period of restoration in the business interruption coverage as well as the repair time to get a business back up running as quickly as possible. The adjusters at National Contents Solutions, Inc. will ensure that your commercial insured experiences the highest level of professional customer claims service.