Pack Out Management

The basic principle behind having an item removed and cleaned is that the cost of packing, cleaning, storing and returning must be substantially less than the replacement cost.  One obvious way to ensure this is to minimize the number of boxes and materials that are used.  As the name implies pack out management ensures that the scope of the pack out is consistent with the items that should be removed.  Without paying close attention to the items that are removed from the home a contractor's technician will be inclined to remove everything. This includes but is not limited to newspapers, magazines, used toothpaste and soap, wet mattresses and partially used food items.  When considering the cost of the standard box, the materials for packing,  labor charges to complete the packaging, storage charges and return labor hours, removal of total loss or items that have no value results in large invoices with significant unnecessary charges.

The contents specialists with  National Contents Solutions, Inc. have assisted in the management of pack outs, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.  In the event that the pack out is not managed prior to its completion, a pack out audit is a second option.  The auditors will go to the contractor's location and determine the quality of the pack out, disallowing the items that should not be removed.  This is a cost-effective alternative.