Inventory Analysis, Data Capture and Business Interruption

Once the scope has been captured, there are multiple tools a National Contents Solutions, Inc. adjuster will use in the evaluation of the Business Personal Property claim.  As coverages are broken down between the various Business Personal Property exposures of inland marine, stock, property of others, valuable papers, personal property, etc., the adjuster will thoroughly analyze all options regarding the coverage analysis and the evaluation of the loss.

Often, the insured will have a perpetual inventory which can be captured and recovered from vendors or their own storage devices. This often creates a unique Electronic Data Processing opportunity.   If the storage devices are compromised in any way, National Contents Solutions, Inc. addresses the issue by having the appropriate forensic personnel available to assist in the capture and re-creation of electronically stored data.  Once the data is recovered, staff CPA’s are able to work with the insured to analyze the perpetual inventory or use an inventory roll forward evaluation.  All data is compared to the scope acquired by the field personnel to verify and prevent duplications.

As the evaluation of the inventory is completed, the CPA's working with National Contents Solutions, Inc. are able to assist in the preparation and calculation of the business interruption claim that often accompanies the Business Personal Property claim.          

The highly experienced commercial adjusters working with National Contents Solutions, Inc. are able to explain these processes during the adjustment of the claim, ensuring that the commercial contents loss is handled in a professional manner.