national contents solutions (ncs) became a division of VeriClaim Inc. following the purchase of McMartin Wasek & Associates and its holdings in October 2013.  In October 2014 Toplis in Harding and all of its holdings including VeriClaim were purchased by Sedgwick.  These services are now available to all of VeriClaim’s & Sedgwicks current customers as well as the industry as a whole.  We can help you meet the challenges of providing the excellent service your insured’s and agents have come to expect, while not being delayed by the need to compile, evaluate, and adjust the contents claim portion of your loss.  
Our current program has evolved from a question that was posed  in 1996.  “How do we address the contents claim of an insured that had a previous claim?  How do we know what was replaced and not replaced?”  While the answer seems simple, it was not routine to return to the loss location and account for everything in the house and compare it to the previous claim.  Today it is common to have an unclear understanding of the scope of a contents loss.  national content solutions provides our customers with all the resources necessary to obtain a clear and accurate scope, and as a result, a well adjusted contents claim.
Over the last 20 years the evaluation of the building claim has evolved from the use of tape measures, mechanical pencils, and carbon paper to the use of digital tools that allow for the exact replication of the damage property both two and three dimensionally.    As for the personal property claims, in most cases, we still hand the insured a large pack of inventory sheets for their completion.  This handwritten information often sits on the corner of an adjuster’s desk until it is evaluated during a weekend seating in front of a football game or an evening after dinner.  In some capacity the industry has responded by providing pricing services.  The majority of this response has resulted in companies that focus on the selling of lines of information and not the true adjustment of the contents claim.  ncs addresses the need for both an accurate assessment of the loss, as well as, a professional application of the insurance contract.
When it is possible, it is clear that the only accurate method for acquiring the scope is to inspect each and every item being claimed.  The efficient procedures developed by NCS ensure a comprehensive and accurate inventory while controlling the costs.  When adjusters assign losses to us they understand the value of the well-adjusted contents claim.  Our adjusters and content specialists have been trained to adjust losses taking into consideration the appropriate coverages, limitations, and exclusions.  If this is the first time that you have worked with us, it is important to provide the coverage information.  The contents inventory prepared by ncs will provide you with a clear and concise report and inventory, as well as a worksheet detailing the claim.  By providing you with an accurately adjusted claim we are defining the difference between our service and that of our competitors.  We are not just selling lines of information, but a complete and comprehensive, well-adjusted, contents claim.