SIU and Subrogation Assistance

Special Investigative Units are an integral part of the claims evaluation process.  The insurance adjusters and contents specialists of National Contents Solutions, Inc. understand that every loss begins with an investigation and that the investigation must be complete prior to the claim proceeding toward settlement.

Often the inventory is submitted by the insured or their representative and has to be audited.  Key variables such as date of purchase, income purchasing power, quality, and spatial analysis are just a few of the variables that may be considered during this process, all of which are at your disposal.

One of the most difficult situations faced by Special Investigative Units is the evaluation of a claim when the site is completely consumed in the fire.  Often, many items are claimed that should remain in the debris pile.  Our contents specialists are trained to sift the entire site to document every item in the debris. 

These same tools are available for the proper evaluation of a subrogation claim.  The inventories captured and evaluated by National Contents Solutions, Inc. are typically stipulated to with little discussion.

The contents specialists and adjusters at National Content Solutions, Inc. are prepared to provide assistance in these important areas.  We have qualified experts in the evaluation of commercial and residential contents claims and stand ready to assist your Special Investigative, Subrogation, and Legal units in your investigation.